Oral Cancer Screening / Oral ID

At our dental practice, your smile isn't the only thing we prioritize – we're equally committed to your overall well-being. Taking a preventive approach to dental care, we include oral cancer screenings as part of your regular examination. Early detection is key, as oral cancer, like any cancer, can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Are you susceptible to oral cancer? Common risk factors include a history of the disease, age over 40, tobacco use, and heavy alcohol consumption. Surprisingly, 40% of cases occur in individuals without these traditional risk factors, emphasizing the importance of regular screenings.

Our advanced screening tool, OralID, utilizes proven fluorescence technology to detect abnormalities that may go unnoticed under standard lighting. During your exam, we use OralID to identify suspicious lesions, precancerous cells, and early-stage cancer, ensuring timely intervention and improved treatment outcomes.

Don't overlook the significance of oral cancer screening. Ask us about OralID at your next appointment and stay proactive about your oral health


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