Perio Protect®

When it comes to dental care, routine brushing, rinsing, and flossing are essential. However, these methods often fall short in reaching deep below the gum line where harmful bacteria thrive in the periodontal pockets.

Traditionally, addressing advanced gum disease has required deep cleanings like root planing and scaling, or even surgery. These procedures involve numbing the gums and scraping the tooth surfaces to remove bacteria, but bacteria quickly repopulate, leading to temporary results. Antibiotics may offer immediate relief, but overuse can lead to drug resistance and side effects like C. diff.

Enter Perio Tray™ Therapy: a doctor-prescribed, patient-applied solution. Custom Perio Trays™, designed to fit snugly, deliver prescription medicine directly to the infected pockets below the gums. Using a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, they gently cleanse the area, combat bacteria, whiten teeth, and freshen breath.

This non-invasive approach complements in-office treatments, supporting long-term oral health. While gum disease may not have a cure, it can be effectively managed with daily treatment. The Perio Protect Method offers a minimally invasive option for patients with gingivitis and chronic periodontitis, ensuring optimal oral health for the long haul, including around crowns and implants.


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